Charity promotion and supporter acquisition

Recruiting new supporters at venues across the country, from shows and exhibitions to railway stations and retail outlets, our fundraisers deliver a professional presence wherever they go, with hundreds of thousands of people seeing our charity event stands every week.

Equipped with everything from a simple counter and banners to trailers or a gazebo we never fail to make the right first impression, generating interest and the opportunity for us to engage with potential new supporters.

With experience of the varying types of venues, and by fully understanding the charity’s typical donor demographic, we are able to profile the most suitable venues leading to a sustainable campaign and the best possible return of new and sincere supporters.

In providing an informed fundraising approach our fundraisers will only ever work on behalf of the one charity. Selected for their genuine passion and affiliation for the cause, our fundraisers are committed to the charity they raise funds for, possessing an interest in that organisation that enables them to enjoy very open and non-scripted conversations with every person they meet.

To monitor the quality and integrity of our fundraising teams, we always ensure that a welcome call is made to every new member, thanking them for their gift and to re-engage with them about the charity’s work, helping to ensure their long-term support.